Tips on Making Life Positive

– This is a guest post from Kasey Shearer –

Okay, I know the title throws everyone off. I can hear your brain now, “What does a kid know about life?” Not much, not going to lie, but I’ve learned enough in my little life to help you out. Life is full of stress, pain, and sadness. It’s filled with glee, happiness, and great opportunities also! The world is yours to take on! “How?” you say? Easy – there are little opportunities each day, if you try your best take them, it’ll seem as though the sun is out on a cloudy day!  (Speaking of sun…where is it? I hate the cold…) So, take my advice, and you’ll be just fine darling.

  • Wake up, smiling, and say something good about yourself in the mirror. It builds that self-confidence everyone needs!
  • Take the positive out of anything. (“I just spilled hot coffee on me! Good thing it wasn’t in my face!”)
  • Make someone’s day better. If they smile, maybe you will, too.
  • Always think highly of yourself. If people see how confident you are, they may become confident themselves. Just don’t get cocky, kiddo.
  • Don’t stress the little things; seriously, they won’t ruin your life forever. You’ll get over them. Also, stress causes wrinkles, so, don’t stress!
  • Write yourself little positive notes throughout the day, or have your friends do it, and then hide them. It’s fun finding things, especially when they’re positive!
  • Wear comfortable clothes; they always make you feel better.
  • Give yourself a day where it’s all about you – take time to relax, think about things, maybe even come up with something genius!
  • Listen to your favorite music – music is the art of the soul, and there is a song for EVERYTHING, so listen to upbeat stuff! It’ll make you happier!

If you take my advice, your day could be better, depending on how hard you try!

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